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Counselling or psychotherapy?

Counselling is usually a short-term option addressing defined issues in everyday life, whereas psychotherapy involves a longer process of exploration of the roots of our dilemmas. That said, although I am primarily a psychotherapist and do not offer "quick fixes", it is more important to me that you find the person with whom you feel able to talk rather than striving to differentiate between approaches that embrace a broad spectrum of methods and in practice have much in common.

My preparation for this work was primarily by way of attending to my own therapeutic journey, by way of a Jungian Training Analysis, for I believe I can only help you insofar as I have attended to my own psychological issues. The keystone of C G Jung's approach is the discovery of ourselves as unique human beings, by establishing a relationship with our inner lives rather than by way of some technique, theory or gimmick. I have come to know this offers us an invaluable anchor in a world filled with uncertainties.

I welcome working with your dreams, when possible, as they offer us perspectives other than our own assumptions and prejudices. Then we may explore the deeper significance of whatever is troubling you, rather than confining our attention to the here and now. I also appreciate encouraging artwork and amplifying our shared experience with reference to myths, poetry and literature.

Whilst I naturally take the wounds of your past into consideration, the thrust of the enterprise is into the future and the choices you deserve to make in the life you have yet to live. Above all, the journey is towards the person only you can be.

As an older person myself, I am particularly interested in enabling persons to find appropriate ways of living with ageing in a society that venerates youth. This includes exploring how to be alone rather than always seeking to counteract loneliness with socialization.

Be assured that our first meeting is always offered as an opportunity for you to be sure that I am the right therapist for you. Above all, I see my role as accompanying you on a journey of exploration rather than my presuming to know what you need.

Psychotherapy is an invitation for the soul to speak and to be heard and to be taken into life.
Bani Shorter.

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